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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Passion Gap!



Recently, I have begun delving more and more into the area of what is called “passion for life-work” and it has really taken me deep and wide. This evening I will be running a lecture-workshop on”Passion 2017- Passion for Life” here in Israel and I am certainly excited about… Continue reading

Action Leads the Way to Transformation

I love the way coaching works, it has many strong tools to help people move ahead, perhaps  the “unique point” of coaching is that it is ingrained firmly in its emphasis on “action”. There is at times a tendency to overdo it and label coaching all about “structured goals,… Continue reading

Are You Ready to BECOME?

“The moment in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” (unknown)

I think most of us suffer from the myth of “we are this” or “we are that”, it holds us back, confuses us, limits us and… Continue reading

Wisdom Knows No Borders


When I was growing up deeply-rooted in the Jewish-American culture of New York, within a traditional and sometimes orthodox environment, I used to hear from time to time (especially among the more orthodox people in my family), something akin to the following, ” You can go out and study whatever… Continue reading

Solving Problems is Not the Way Forward!



Our work world, and not just our work world, is full of bias towards “solving problems”. It is the problem-solver that gets ahead, it is the problem-solving dialogue and analysis that takes up most of our time and it is that problem-solving mentality that is rewarded. However, it is… Continue reading

To be Human means to be Creative!



One of the most misunderstood term, in my opinion, that one hears battered about is that of “creativity”. It conjures up some type of bohemian artist, struggling poet, musician in a smoke-ridden dingy basement, or perhaps an ex, or not so ex,  hippie-turned exit-driven software programmer, perhaps… Continue reading

Aikido: Creating Options for Life

aikido-black-belt-photos aikido-with-nomura aikido-training-matesHave you ever really considered what you decide to put on your walls in your home? Most specifically, if you have a clinic or office in which clients and others visit you, what exactly do you put on the walls? I have a coaching office or “clinic” in my home… Continue reading

Opportunities Need to be Created

When we get down on ourselves we start to wonder why “they” get all the opportunities and breaks and we…get nothing. It’s funny about opportunities, they don’t really seem to be dressed as such so we tend to forego them. It is as if we have a “spec.” and we… Continue reading

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